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Wintershall in the United Kingdom

Wintershall Noordzee currently holds six licenses in the British North Sea, acting as the operator in all cases.
These include the operatorship of the Wingate platform, which started producing in 2011.

Natural gas production with Wingate

Wingate is the first own-operated gas production platform of Wintershall Noordzee B.V. in the UK  (share: 49,5%). It currently produces around 1.2 million cubic meters of natural gas per day. 

The Wingate topside is about 1,200 m² in size and stands on a 45-metre-high and 850-tonne structure, the so-called jacket, which is fixed to the seabed. The platform measures 70 meters from the bottom up to the top. 

Wingate has a completely self-sufficient power supply: using the natural gas directly recovered from the field, a mini turbine power plant generates electricity for the platform. The extracted natural gas is transported by pipeline to the ENGIE D15 platform some 20 kilometers to the East in the Dutch sector of the North Sea. From there it flows over a distance of around 300 kilometers to the Dutch mainland. 
Rijswijk, near The Hague, is also home to Wintershall Noordzee's company-wide competence center for offshore technology. The company has been developing its expertise in shallow water exploration and development for over 50 years.

Focus on exploration and production

In 2016, Wintershall Noordzee made a gas discovery in the Winchelsea-1 exploration well situated approximately 10 kilometers to the west of Wintershall’s Wingate complex in UK waters. Together with the Sillimanite gas discovery located just North of the Wingate complex, both discoveries are being evaluated for potential development.
The Southern North Sea is one of Wintershall’s traditional core regions for producing natural gas and crude oil. Through its 50% joint venture company, Wintershall Noordzee B.V., the Kassel Germany based company has already been active in the region since 1965.

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