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Wintershall in Norway

In recent years, Wintershall has continued to considerably expand activities in Norway, which in addition to Russia is the most important oil and natural gas supplier in Europe. Today, the company holds over 60 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, more than half of them as operator. The company is therefore one of the large license holders in Norway and invests approximately half of its global exploration budget in this region.

10 years of activity
in Norway
60 Tsd. barrel
oil equivalent
per day
60 licences
500 employees

Approx. Number, effective January 2016

Discoveries off the coast of Norway

The Maria discovery has an estimated 180 million barrels of oil equivalent (BOE) of recoverable resources. The Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for the self-operated development (Wintershall: 50 %) was approved by the Norwegian government in September 2015. Production is scheduled in late 2018. In the Wintershall-operated Skarfjell reservoir, which was discovered in 2012, the second appraisal well was successfully completed at the beginning of 2014. Estimates put the resources at 100 to 140 million barrels of oil equivalent.

The expansion of Wintershall Norge's activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf is also reflected in the number of employees: At the end of 2015, the number of employees in Norway was around 500.


Details about Wintershall Norge’s current licenses in Norway are explained in the interactive license map.


Partnership between Wintershall & Statoil

Wintershall is one of the major producers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. One of the key factors for growth is the asset swap with the Norwegian company Statoil, which was completed successfully in 2013. As part of the deal, Wintershall received from Statoil shares in the three producing fields Brage, Gjøa and Vega. With Brage, this is also the first time that Wintershall has assumed the operatorship of a large production field in Norway.

The two companies deepened their partnership and agreed on a further transaction in 2014. Wintershall acquired additional shares in the two producing fields Gjøa and Vega from Statoil. Its total stake is now 55.6% in Vega and 20% in Gjøa. As a result, Wintershall has expanded its output in Norway significantly and now produces around 60,000 BOE a day. As a part of the same deal Wintershall took over the operatorship of Vega in March 2015. Wintershall also has a stake in the development project Aasta Hansteen (24%), the Asterix discovery (19%), the Polarled pipeline project (13.2%) and four exploration licenses near Aasta Hansteen.


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