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Wintershall in Germany

Germany needs crude oil and natural gas as energy resources – today and in the future. Without oil there would be no medicines, no wind turbines and no iPads. Natural gas, on the other hand, is the ideal partner for renewable energies. Crude oil and natural gas from Germany therefore provide a crucial home advantage for our energy supply. Wintershall produces from 15 oil fields and over 35 gas fields in Germany – technologically sophisticated production with high environmental standards for supplying domestic energy and the everyday things in life.


67 years of criude oil production
at plateau with steam
flooding technique
40% of the German oil
are produced by Wintershall
8 active crude oil fields
35 active natural
gas fields
7% of Germany's natural gas
are produced by Wintershall

Producing crude oil and natural gas in Germany is often difficult and technologically challenging. It requires great technological expertise and prudence.

By applying high safety and environmental standards in its everyday work, Wintershall has earned a reputation for outstanding technological expertise – a key criterion for opening the door to participation in large international projects. Important fields of research are in particular activities to enhance recovery from crude oil reservoirs and production from tight gas reservoirs.

Germany is one of Wintershall’s most important regions for oil and gas exploration and production. Among other things, Wintershall is the operator of the only gas production platform in the German North Sea (A6-A) and has a 50-percent stake in the largest German crude oil field, Mittelplate, off the North Sea coast. Domestic energy is also produced around Barnstorf in the rural district of Diepholz, in Emlichheim on the German-Dutch border, in Landau in the Palatinate and in Aitingen/Schwabmüchen near Augsburg.

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