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Wintershall in Denmark

Production of Ravn, the first oil field operated by Wintershall Noordzee in the Danish sector of the North Sea, started in 2017. After facing technical challenges, it is expected that stabile production will be achieved during the current year. The oil produced is transported via a subsea pipeline from an unmanned production platform to the A6-A processing platform located 18 kilometers to the south-west in the German North Sea. There the oil is transported via the existing export pipeline system to the Dutch platform F3-FB-1. From there the oil reaches the shore by ship. Ravn will be the first field in Denmark which Wintershall Noordzee is bringing on stream as operator (share: 31.82%).

Wintershall Noordzee currently holds an additional three licenses in the Danish North Sea, which were awarded in the 8th licensing round at the beginning of 2016. The company is the operator for all three licenses and is currently evaluating their work programs.

The southern North Sea is one of Wintershall’s traditional core regions for producing natural gas and crude oil. Wintershall has already been active in the region since 1965.

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