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40 years Wintershall in Argentina

In four decades to the top
Wintershall has close ties to Argentina. Germany's largest internationally active oil and gas producer has been involved in the country for the last 40 years, and is now the fourth-largest gas producer in Argentina. The wholly owned subsidiary Wintershall Energía S.A holds working interests in 15 oil and gas fields and produces some 26 million barrels of oil equivalent (boe) annually. Wintershall presence in Argentina has developed steadily: from its initial offshore investments off the coast of Tierra del Fuego to its operatorships in the Vaca Muerta Formation.

Much accomplished ... with big plans for the future

In the past 40 years Wintershall has achieved important milestones in Argentina – thanks to the support of key stakeholders, the trust of its partners and a strong professional team. Wintershall is still very much committed to Argentina and is investing in highly promising projects. After all, the South American country offers enormous potential: along with the USA, Argentina is one of the most important growth regions in the unconventional oil and gas production sector. Argentina has the second largest shale gas resources and the fourth largest shale oil resources in the world. Shale will therefore make up an important piece of Wintershall’s future.

Fourty years Argentina logo Wintershall
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Timeline 1978 Argentina rig Wintershall

Work starts in Argentina

Via the Deminex joint venture (Wintershall share 18.5%), Wintershall participates in the CMA-1 concession off the coast of Tierra del Fuego. Initial exploration begins there in 1981.

Timeline 1989 Argentina Hidra Wintershall

Wintershall produces oil in Argentina for the first time

In 1989, oil production starts in the Hidra field, which is located in the Austral Basin off the coast of Tierra del Fuego. Oil is still produced from this field today. 

Timeline 1994 Argentina Neuquén Wintershall

Entry into Neuquén province

Wintershall participates in the San Roque and Aguada Pichana blocks. Gas production starts in 1996. In 2017 Aguada Pichana is divided into two blocks. Wintershall continues to be involved in Aguada Pichana Este.

Timeline 1998 Argentina Denimex Wintershall

Wintershall Energía founded

The DEMINEX shareholders (Wintershall, RWE DEA and Veba Oel) decide to divide up the joint venture. Wintershall acquires the Deminex shares in Argentina and founds the wholly-owned subsidiary Wintershall Energía.

  At work in Argentina Wintershall
Timeline 2005 Argentina Aries Wintershall

Production expanded off the coast of Tierra del Fuego

The Carina and Aries natural gas fields off the coast of Tierra del Fuego start production. Today around 20 million cubic meters of gas are recovered daily from the CMA-1 concession, which includes the Carina, Aires and Vega Pléyade fields.

Timeline 2014 Argentina Aguada Wintershall

Operatorship in the Vaca Muerta Formation

Wintershall becomes the operator of the Aguada Federal block in Neuquén province. The block includes highly promising shale oil from the Vaca Muerta Formation. This is the first shale oil project to be implemented by Wintershall as operator. In 2015 Wintershall takes over the operatorship of the neighboring Bandurria Norte block.

Timeline 2016 Argentina Vega Wintershall

Further investments in Tierra del Fuego

Vega Pléyade, which is the southernmost gas production platform in the world, starts production off the coast of Tierra del Fuego. The Vega Pléyade project produces 8.5 million cubic meters of gas each day.

Timeline 2017 Argentina Mendoza Wintershall

Oil discovery in the province of Mendoza

In the south of the province of Mendoza, Wintershall discovers oil in Block CN-V in Neuquén Basin. It is planned to spud a second exploration well by the end of 2018. Wintershall Energía will then take over the operatorship of the block.


For our work it's crucial that national policies create a reliable framework. This is exactly what the Argentine government is doing – it understands the importance of domestic production and is encouraging investment. We're therefore ready to invest in further growth. We want to expand Argentina into our center of expertise for unconventional resources.

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