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Wintershall supports the Brothers Grimm Festival

Kassel. Wintershall is supporting the Brothers Grimm Festival in Kassel with generous sponsorship. Germany’s largest, internationally active natural gas and crude oil producer is providing 30,000 euros for new wooden benches and cushions on the natural stone tribunes, also new, in Kassel’s first public and fairytale park, Schönfeld. The lakeside stage will be inaugurated on Sunday 20 July 2014 at midday. After six seasons on Siebenbergen island in the Karlsaue state park and the botanical gardens, visitors can experience the program for the first time at the new venue and enjoy a marvelous view of the lakeside stage right in front of them. The Kassel-based company has supported the festival for several years and this year it is funding the new seating for the venue. The high-quality wooden benches can be used again and again over the coming years and fit in well with the overall look of the historic landmark Schönfeld park gardens.


“The new venue for the Brothers Grimm Festival needed many supporters because there was barely any infrastructure available here, just like in the previous venues,” says Peter Zypries, first chairperson of the Brothers Grimm Festival. “Wintershall has been a loyal supporter of our festival for years and has really helped with this donation.”

“We enjoy working in Kassel – and we enjoy living in Kassel. Wintershall has strong roots in the region. Our staff, who come from all over the world, feel at home here. That’s just one reason why we wish to get involved in our neighborhood,” explains Rainer Seele, CEO of Wintershall. Hence, Wintershall has been active in Kassel for years. As well as the Brothers Grimm Festival, it has been supporting the Kassel Kulturzelt (‘Culture Tent’) for more than 20 years and has been involved in the construction of an international primary school, which will open its doors in September this year.

About the Brothers Grimm Festival 

The Brothers Grimm Festival Kassel e.V. offers fairytale enthusiasts a colorful program of events on the subject of “fairytales” lasting several weeks over the summer. The highlight will be an open air musical “loosely based on the Brothers Grimm”. In 2014 the Brothers Grimm Festival Kassel will captivate the city and region for the seventh time. The festival kicked off in our twin city this year, Vellmar. 

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