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Wintershall supporting the 9th STEM Student CongressWintershall will once again be the main sponsor with €12,500.

STEM Student Congress 2017 Wintershall
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Kassel. Wintershall will once again be the main sponsor of the STEM Student Congress (MINT-Schülerkongress), which is taking place from 12 to 13 June 2018 in Kassel. Several thousand budding scientists are expected to attend the event, which is being held under the motto "Climate – Our Future!"  The congress is organized by the North Hesse Student Research Center (SFN). Since 2012, the education initiative has been providing school pupils with practical training in the various STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). 45 members of staff advise the young researchers during their independently organized projects. The teams at SFN are also trained to give presentations in English.

For Wintershall Executive Board member Thilo Wieland the meanwhile longstanding support for SFN is more than an investment in the future of Wintershall as a company and Kassel as an energy and technology center: "As a globally active producer of oil and natural gas we need talented individuals who are interested in science and creative thinkers who will help us develop new solutions. The SFN, however, does a lot more. In the projects values such as internationality, tolerance and equality, from which society benefits, are experienced in a compelling way. We see it as part of our social responsibility to get involved here." With its nationwide and international competition successes and the highly popular STEM Student Congress, the SFN is also contributing to a constructive discourse on research and science topics.

This year the school student congress is focusing on the theme of "climate". With over 70 experiments, workshops and presentations, school pupils will have an opportunity to focus on the topic of climate phenomena and the challenges posed by climate change. All the STEM fields will be presented, ranging from electrical engineering and biology to chemistry, computer science and astrophysics. A new development: Since last year SFN has also been conducting joint research that crosses borders – in cooperation with the No.17 Middle School in Novy Urengoy, Kassel's partner city in Western Siberia. Wintershall is particularly delighted that it will be able to support the first school student exchange in its production region there in October.

Wintershall Holding GmbH, based in Kassel, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of BASF in Ludwigshafen. The company has been active in the extraction of natural resources for 120 years, and in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas for over 85 years. Wintershall focuses on selected core regions where the company has built up a high level of regional and technological expertise. These are Europe, Russia, North Africa, South America, and increasingly the Middle East region. The company wants to expand its business further with exploration and production, selected partnerships, innovation and technological competence. Wintershall employs about 2,000 staff worldwide from 50 nations and is now Germany’s largest, internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer.

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