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Wintershall Norge celebrates its 10th birthday Wintershall looks back on a decade in Norway / Colleagues reunited in one building in Stavanger

Wintershall Norge is looking back at ten years of activity in Norway, culminating on 10th October with our colleagues’ first operational day in the new office building in Hinna Park in Stavanger. “Our first operational day is on the tenth day of the tenth month. In our tenth year here in Norway, we think that this is a fitting day to bring us back together again”, said Bernd Schrimpf, Wintershall Norge Managing Director.

In its decade in business, the company has grown from a small explorer into a significant operator on the Norwegian Shelf. “I can proudly say that in 2016, Wintershall is a fixture of the oil and gas business here in Norway. We have gone from humble beginnings in Oslo, to become a major Norwegian operator, producing more than 80,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. We are now bringing our own developments into production, and our whole team is working hard each day to achieve this goal” said Schrimpf.

In the ten years since Wintershall opened its Norwegian OPCO, the number of colleagues working has grown. “We always say that our most important asset is our people. They bring the competence and the capability to allow us to reach our goals. Unfortunately, while the company was growing fast, our capacity to keep all of our colleagues under one roof was diminishing,” said Tone Samuelsen, Wintershall Norge Head of HR and Business Services.

Between 2009 and 2015, the number of personnel in Wintershall Norge grew from 50 to 500, with colleagues in Stavanger spread over three different buildings. Wintershall, with support from parent BASF, recognized a possibility to optimize the office arrangement by constructing a new office building which could house all of the personnel.

“By bringing together all of our Stavanger colleagues under one roof, we can share out knowledge and collaborate even more closely than before. Many processes can thus be optimized and will be even more efficient in future. In addition, modern communication technology in our new building means we can work with our colleagues and stakeholders in other parts of the world in the most cost effective way possible,” said Samuelsen.