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Wintershall donates to social institutions on three continentsTraditional Christmas donation supports charitable and social institutions for older citizens and others in need / The donations of 50,000 euros in total are going to institutions in Kassel, Russia and Argentina

Kassel. Wintershall is not only dedicated to ensuring a secure supply of raw materials; with its annual Christmas donation it also supports charitable organizations in the company’s core regions. This year the company’s commitment focuses on organizations that are dedicated to improving the well-being and living conditions of older citizens and other people in need. The donations amount to 50,000 euros overall and are being made to institutions across three continents. Germany’s largest internationally active German crude oil and natural gas producer donates a large proportion of the total sum to institutions in the city where the company is based, Kassel. “Giving something back to the people in our community is a matter very dear to our hearts. There are many associations and institutions that perform important work in the area of social welfare. But they don’t usually receive the contributions they actually deserve,” the Wintershall CEO Rainer Seele said explaining the company’s motivation.

Wintershall is supporting the following institutions in 2012:

  • Soziale Hilfe e.V.: This association cares for and advises people who find themselves living in difficult social living conditions. It runs the day residence Panama in Kassel, which offers breakfast and lunch, and also provides emergency overnight accommodation in seven caravan containers and a flat during the winter months. Wintershall is supporting these two projects / the association with 10,000 euros overall.
  • Förderverein Gesegnete Mahlzeit Kassel e.V.: This charitable association set up in the year 2000 is funded by the Diakonische Werk Kassel. Four ‘guesthouses’ in the city provide people in need with a warm meal at lunchtime for a reasonable price. The meals are freshly prepared every day by the Baunataler Diakonie Kassel. The guesthouses are also places where people can meet and that offer a sense of community. In addition, they also provide work for people with disabilities, who usually have a hard time gaining a foothold on the general labor market. To allow their work to continue, Wintershall is supporting the preparation of the meals with 10,000 euros.
  • Heilhaus-Stiftung Ursa Paul: Wintershall is supporting the setting up of the first multi-generation hospice in Germany with a donation of 10,000 euros. The aim is to make it possible for seriously ill people of various age groups to be looked after together in one place for the first time. The hospice wants to help the sick and their relatives with palliative and medical aid as well as providing care and spiritual support in order to improve their quality of life. Children, young people and adults are thus able to spend their final days in an atmosphere of love, compassion, safety and contentment.
  • Hand in Hand e.V.: Wintershall is supporting this neighborhood assistance association with 1,500 euros. The association promotes good neighborly relations and offers advice. With the donation from Wintershall the association can offer four safety training courses for senior citizens in various city districts. The courses aim to teach women easy-to-use self-defense strategies and also include self-assertiveness training.

In addition to the donations in the Kassel region, Wintershall is donating 20.000 euros to the Association for International Understanding. The association supports charitable and social projects in two of Wintershalls core regions – Russia and Argentina. Wintershall has been active in these countries for many years and wishes to give something back to the community and show its gratitude with the donations.

  • Russia Internatsschule 28: 500 children with spastic paralysis are treated and looked after according to their age and type of illness in this boarding school. The school offers medical, social and psychological rehabilitation as well as various activities to prepare them for when they leave. The facilities need to be improved in order to develop and increase the work with the children.
  • Argentina Deutsche Wohltätigkeits-Gesellschaft: About 155 senior citizens in need of care are looked after and cared for in this charitable association’s institutions. It needs to purchase multi-functional wheelchairs to improve the mobility of the home residents, some of whom are severely handicapped.
Contact: Stefan Leunig