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Kassel. From the production of lactose-free milk to experiments with various bacteria – practical knowledge of things like this make up an important part of the curriculum for up-and-coming high school graduates in the German state of Hessen. Yet so far, experiments such as these could not be conducted in and around Kassel because none of the schools had the necessary equipment. To change this, today, Tuesday, 6 May 2014, the first research laboratory in the region with the equipment required has been opened in Kassel‘s Herderschule in the presence of city councilor Anne Janz, Professor Nellen, school director Martin Sauer, lab supervisor Dr. Andrea Bette and Wintershall CEO Dr. Rainer Seele.

Wintershall, Germany’s largest, internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer, is supporting the project with 5,000 euros. “It is particularly important with natural sciences to give the students practical experience. This project now makes that possible for many students and thus fills an important gap,” Rainer Seele, CEO of Wintershall, said explaining the company’s reason for supporting the project.

As well as preparing students for the Abitur, the German school-leaving certificate allowing university entrance, facilitating basic education for a broader public, as well as teacher training, the lab at the Herderschule will also promote talent and participate in the youth science competition “Jugend forscht” (literally ‘Youth researches’). It is being run in cooperation with the University of Kassel and the “Science Bridge” project based there, supervised by Professor Nellen from the genetics department. The policy of cross-linking teacher training and school experiments has been pursued since 1996.

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Contact: Stefan Leunig