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Vega Pléyade reaches 10.000 hours of productionThe world’s southernmost gas development is located off the coast of Tierra del Fuego

Total Austral, operator of the CMA-1 consortium, togehter with its partners Wintershall Energía and Panamerican Energy, announces that after the production start-up of the offshore gas and condensate field Vega Pléyade, the world’s southernmost gas development, 10.000 hours of production have been reached.

The offshore gas and condensate field Vega Pléyade is located 20 km off the coast to the south of San Sebastián bay, in the province of Tierra del Fuego. The project is operated by Total Austral and has a production capacity of 10 million cubic meters per day (70.000 barrels of oil equivalent). Investments have been above USD 1 billion.

“The development of Vega Pléyade is an important milestone for the partners of the CMA-1 consortium and for the Argentine gas market” stated Michel Hourcard, Exploration and Production president for America of the Total Group. “It is the world’s southernmost gas development and a number of technical, logistical and climatic challenges had to be overcome in order to finish the project. We want to say thank you to the Argentine and foreign teams which contributed to the success of Vega Pléyade. This project bears witness to our firm commitment with the economic development of the country and the sustainable supply of the growing Argentine gas demand”. 

Vega Pléyade is located in the Cuenca Marina Austral 1 (CMA-1) concession operated by Total Austral with a 37,5% interest, alongside its partners Wintershall Energía (37,5%) and Panamerican Energy (25%).

The Vega Pléyade development consisted in the construction and installation of an offshore platform in 50 meters water depths, connected via a 77 kilometer offshore pipeline to the Rio Cullen and Cañadón Alfa onshore gas treatment facilities, also operated by Total Austral.  The project was completed in two and a half years and was the result of a multidisciplinary teamwork.  

The CMA-1 consortium is active in the onshore and offshore fields Hidra, Kaus, Ara-Cañadón Alfa, Argo, Carina and Aries. The production of these fields is treated in the Rio Cullen and Cañadón Alfa facilities, located onshore in the Northern part of Tierra del Fuego province. Total production of these fields is above 20 million cubic meters per day and is destined for the local gas market.