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New sports partner: EC Kassel Huskies are also “Open to Diversity”Support for the tolerance initiative at the home game against Dresden on 22 February

New sports partner: EC Kassel Huskies are also “Open to Diversity”

Kassel. The tolerance initiative “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” in North Hesse has a new sports partner. EC Kassel Huskies, a Kassel club that boasts a long tradition, has been an official member since mid-January and is supporting the initiative in the spirit of its sporting convictions. “Cosmopolitanism and diversity are part and parcel of ice hockey, since our sport traditionally brings together many cultures,” says Christoph Steinbach, Head of Communications and Media at Kassel Huskies. “Ice hockey demands intensive team spirit, a will of iron, and passion. Where you come from, the language you speak or what your religion is are immaterial as long as you give your heart and soul on the ice.”

A sporting highlight of the new cooperation will be the home game against Dresdner Eislöwen on 22 February. The Huskies are dedicating this game to the initiative and staging it under the slogan “Open to Diversity”. The Eissporthalle ice rink will make diversity visible with special activities for fans and an information stand. The Huskies have no doubts that their fans will also join with them and get behind the initiative’s goals. “Respect, tolerance and openness to other viewpoints are the foundation for the legendary family feeling that bonds fans and players in the world’s fastest team sport,” adds Christoph Steinbach. “That’s what we stand for and take a stand for!”

The “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” initiative was launched by five Kassel companies in the fall of 2018, shortly before the state elections in Hesse, to signal their support for cosmopolitanism, respect and a willingness to engage in dialogue. “Open to Diversity” is now backed by 12 powerful partners from the North Hesse region and more than 2,500 citizens have become actively involved in it – by ordering the familiar door signs or through postings on social media. Kassel Huskies are, after MT Melsungen, the second major sports partner to join in “Open to Diversity”. In collaboration with the cooperation partners, the initiative will support projects that are committed to diversity and international understanding in the region.

Information on distribution of the door signs:

Citizens and businesspeople from Kassel wishing to join in the initiative can request door signs free of charge. The newspaper Hessische Allgemeine (HNA) will continue to send out copies for free to anyone who orders one by phone (+49 561 203-1476) or e-mail (

You can find all the information you need about “Open to Diversity” at