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Let the show begin! Wintershall supports unique German/ Russian circus project for children and youngsters The award-winning Russian circus project Upsala is appearing for the first time in Kassel with its play "The Ping-Pong Effect" in cooperation with Kassel's Rambazotti Circus / Evening performance at 6:30 p.m. on June 27, 2015, in the Rambazotti Circus House, Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 21 / Wintershall has supported the model social project since 2013

Kassel. The Russian Upsala Circus for children and youngsters is stopping off in Kassel for the first time as part of its European tour. There will be a joint public performance with the Kassel circus pro-ject Rambazotti on Saturday evening at the Internationales Kinder- und Jugend-Circus-Haus (International Children's and Youngster's Circus House) in Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 21. The tickets cost €7 and can be bought in advance or at the box office.

The troupe will perform the play ""The Ping-Pong Effect"," which revolves around a table tennis ball. The young artists from St. Petersburg take up the ball's movements as a rhythm and embellish it with circus tricks, acrobatics and juggling. Electronic music, random sounds and voices blend into a whole to create a unique composition of traditional circus art and modern music.

What makes Upsala Circus so special is how it combines circus arts and theater directly with social work. Most of the young acrobats are street children, of which there are around 15,000 in the Russian city with its millions of inhabitants. The children and youngsters aged 4 to 15 mostly come from dysfunctional families and their parents are often drug addicts or mentally ill. They spend their life on the streets, in parks and train stations or under bridges.

The Upsala project, which was founded in the year 2000, gives the children and youngsters a feeling of recognition, trust and respect using circus pedagogy methods. The work in the circus helps them develop their social skills. The specially trained social workers and educators thus accompany the children and youngsters in finding their way back to a normal life.

Since the general conditions for the project's work are difficult in Russia, the Kassel-based oil and gas producer Wintershall decided to fund the project two years ago. The company has been producing oil and gas in Russia for more than two decades. "We by no means confine ourselves to business operations in Russia. We're involved in a diverse range of cultural and social activities there. The Upsala project is very dear to our hearts since it offers the youngsters a genuine perspective and paves the way for them to lead a selfdetermined life in the future," says Anna Bungarten, spokesperson for the Russian media at Wintershall.

Iris Riedmüller, founder of Kassel's Children's and Youth Circus Rambazotti, also has a high regard for the project: "The joint rehearsals and the tour of the city in our circus double-decker on Saturday offer a unique opportunity for young people from different countries and social backgrounds to spend time with each other, practice together and so get to know each other better. That's an important and formative experience for the children. We therefore intend to keep on working together with Upsala Circus in the future."

You can obtain tickets in advance from Rambazotti for the performance on Saturday evening under the phone number 44 44 0 and at the box office.

You can find more information on the circus project at:

Rambazotti has worked internationally with children's circuses for 20 years, as an organizer or itself on tour appearances. The focus is always on channeling circus work to educational ends and on fostering youth exchange. 

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