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Greetings from Katowice: Unusual postcard action started for COP24 delegates

Katowice Schwarz Weiß Grafik Wintershall
© Wintershall

Berlin. "Greetings from Katowice" – this is how the postcard begins that Wintershall has sent to the members of the German delegation attending the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24), which starts in the Polish city of Katowice on 2 December. Furthermore, the card has been sent to more than 300 politicians at Germany’s federal and regional state levels. "Admittedly, postcard greetings from abroad do not correspond to the usual political dialogue. Unusual, however, is also the context in which we have opted for this form of address," says Michael Sasse, who leads the Communications and Government Relations team at Wintershall. "With the postcard we’re highlighting what we believe the venue for the COP24 now stands for. Katowice, the city of coal, is reinventing itself. In 1990 there were 15 coal mines in the city's urban and surrounding areas, today there are just three."

While the front of the postcard shows a view of the old Katowice – with lots of smoke and images of coal mining, the text on the back explains how Katowice has changed. The transformation is taking place on several levels. In addition to significant improvements in the air quality and environmental and climate protection, the center of the Silesian capital is also shining in newly found splendor. "This year's UN climate summit marks a critical point in global efforts to counteract climate change, which has accelerated massively since the beginning of industrialization," says Sasse.

"Germany and Europe have immense potential for reducing the CO2 emissions, which we need to leverage much more quickly in the short term. We as the gas industry have a lot to offer here. Our postcard campaign for the climate conference also signals our readiness to engage in dialogue with politicians," explains Peter Westhof, head of Wintershall's Berlin office. The reason for that is that strengthening the role of natural gas in the energy system is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to promote climate protection.

"The message that we want to deliver to the delegates along with the postcard of the old Katowice is therefore: Do not delay effective climate protection measures any longer. We will support you – act now!", reaffirms Michael Sasse.