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Gas for the transport transitionWintershall appeals to politicians with an open letter

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Everyone is talking about the diesel scandal and driving bans in German cities. Many politicians and German drivers are unaware that natural gas cars are already available and represent a viable alternative. The transport sector in particular must focus on improving their efforts, which is underlined by the fact that traffic-related greenhouse gas emissions have once again surpassed the level recorded in 1990. Furthermore, the transport sector has made the least amount of progress in terms of reducing CO2 emissions and is therefore lagging well behind the national reduction targets.

To demonstrate the advantages of gas as a fuel and highlight their contribution to the transportation transition, several energy companies, including DEA, Equinor, Open Grid Europe, Shell, Thüga and Wintershall have appealed to politicians by submitting an open letter. The common goal: Ensuring politicians realize that natural gas mobility represents a viable alternative not only for cars, but also for local public and heavy transport.

Please find the entire letter below.