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Five projects and one contest: Wintershall donates for a diverse KasselFive initiatives in five districts of Kassel are directly supported as “Diversity Boosters”

Wintershall donates for a diverse Kassel
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Kassel. The traditional annual donation from Wintershall’s Kassel location will benefit projects that are truly diverse: The sum of €50,000 will be donated under the slogan “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” and support initiatives in Kassel and the region that are actively committed to fostering education, integration, inclusion and international understanding. 

The company will use half the sum to fund projects that have been initiated by educational institutions or associations in structurally weak districts of Kassel and aim to impart knowledge and promote inclusion and international encounter. 5,000 euros will each go to:

  • The KennenLernladen of the association dabei e.V. in the district of Waldau
  • The Café Zuflucht in Kassel’s Südstadt
  • Wissen am Stern gGmbH in the district of Nord-Holland
  • Kinderbauernhof Kassel e.V. in the Wesertor district, and 
  • The Marienhof social center in the district of Rothenditmold

“A declaration of commitment to diversity and international understanding can only have an impact if you walk the talk,” says Wintershall board member Thilo Wieland, who presented the donation personally at Wintershall’s headquarters. “As project managers, you are on the front line when it comes to fostering diversity. And you demonstrate, in particular to children and youngsters, that encouraging respect, tolerance and a willingness to engage in dialogue is a worthy cause. We’re delighted to support you as ‘Diversity Boosters’ and thus contribute to making Kassel a cosmopolitan city.” 

All the projects have been selected in cooperation with Kassel Council. “Wintershall’s generous support for the important grassroots work of these initiatives and associations in the districts is a fine example of the civic engagement of one of our key companies,” said Christian Geselle, Kassel’s mayor. “Apart from the signal the initiative “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” sends out, this is very clear testimony to its great commitment to and close bonds with our city. We’re delighted that Wintershall works all over the world, but is at home in Kassel.”

A further € 25,000 will go to the Verein zur Internationalen Verständigung e.V. This association, which promotes international understanding, is the co-initiator and sponsor of the initiative “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion”, in which Wintershall is very actively involved. The association has set up a project budget to expand the initiative to the sphere of social affairs and to integrate institutions, associations and voluntary workers. Under the slogan “Strengthen Diversity!”, the aim is to support initiatives and projects that are committed to diversity and international understanding in the region. The donation from Wintershall will directly benefit the institutions and new projects. A jury with a broad range of members will assess the applications and make a choice. Further information on this subject will be provided at a later time.

Wintershall Holding GmbH, based in Kassel, Germany, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF in Ludwigshafen. The company has been active in the extraction of natural resources for 125 years, and in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas for over 85 years. Wintershall focuses on selected core regions where the company has built up a high level of regional and technological expertise. These are Europe, Russia, North Africa, South America, and increasingly the Middle East region. The company wants to expand its business further with exploration and production, selected partnerships, innovation and technological competence. Wintershall employs about 2.000 staff worldwide from 50 nations and is now Germany’s largest, internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer.

At the end of September 2018, BASF and LetterOne signed a binding agreement to merge their respective oil and gas companies, Wintershall and DEA (Deutsche Erdöl AG). Subject to regulatory approvals, the transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2019. Wintershall DEA would become the leading independent oil and gas producer in Europe. BASF and LetterOne are planning an initial public offering (IPO) for Wintershall DEA in the medium term.

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