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Cultural dialog and mutual understanding: Wintershall wins IPRA Award for Russian communication activitiesPraise for Wintershall’s commitment to the German-Russian dialog and restoration of the Chinese Palace near St. Petersburg

Ashraf Siddiqui

Doha, 06.11.2016. Wintershall has won the award for best communication activities in the sponsorship category at this year’s IPRA Golden World Awards in Doha. The jury of the International Public Relations Association praised Wintershall’s commitment to the German-Russian dialog and its communication activities surrounding the restoration of the Chinese Palace near St. Petersburg.

“We have been working closely together with Russian companies for decades, and for just as long we have been committed to the German-Russian cultural exchange,” said Thilo Wieland, Member of the Board at Wintershall responsible for Russia. “Together with Gazprom we have sent a strong message to promote a dialog and mutual understanding between Russia and Germany.”

Wintershall took advantage of an important anniversary to effectively communicate the company’s joint efforts with Gazprom to restore the Chinese Palace: in October 2015 it was the 25th anniversary of the start of economic cooperation between BASF/Wintershall and Gazprom. As the highlight of the anniversary celebrations in October 2015, BASF CEO Kurt Bock and Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller opened the restored palace together. Wintershall supported the event with comprehensive communication activities in Russia and Germany: PR and further information on German-Russian cooperation as well as an opinion survey of the way Germans see Russia. “With these communication activities we managed to give important stakeholders in politics and business much deeper insight into Wintershall’s commitment and the significance of the German-Russian dialog,” said Stefan Leunig, Director of Media Relations, during the award ceremony in Doha. 

The Chinese Palace near St. Petersburg, the restoration of which Wintershall and Gazprom sponsored, is an important symbol of the successful cooperation between Russia and Germany. The Rococo building was commissioned by Katharina the Great in 1762 – a Russian Empress with German roots. Russian and German architects then worked closely together on its construction and historical renovations. Today the Chinese Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The IPRA Golden World Awards were launched in 1990 by the Public Relations Association and pay tribute to outstanding achievements in international public relations. They are considered the most important international PR event. The award ceremony was held on 5 November in Doha, Qatar.