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Congratulations "Hafen 17 – Kids' club"!The donation will enable Hafen 17 to remain open until at least autumn 2018

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Kassel. In February 2018, the Hafen 17 (Haven 17) kids' club is celebrating its tenth birthday in Kassel. Wintershall would like to congratulate the club and is donating 50,000 euros as a birthday present so that the facility for primary school children in the east of Kassel can continue to operate. A donation of 840 euros from Wintershall's employees will also benefit Hafen 17. Wintershall's CEO, Mario Mehren, personally handed over the donation totaling 50,840 euros today (20 February 2018) as part of the birthday celebrations at Hafen 17.

Wintershall has been sponsoring and supporting Hafen 17 since 2013. In addition, employees and board members from Wintershall read stories once a year in the kids' club as part of the nationwide Read Aloud Day. "Wintershall has a fond spot for Hafen 17. We greatly appreciate the engagement of the full-time staff and the many volunteers. That’s why we hope that Hafen 17 will continue to provide primary school children from Unterneustadt with a meeting point and after-school drop-in centre in the years to come. This not only benefits the children themselves, but also society as a whole," said Mario Mehren.

Gerd Bechtel, Managing Director of Diakonisches Werk Kassel, a charitable association belonging to the Protestant Church in Germany, is delighted about Wintershall's commitment: "On behalf of the Diakonisches Werk I would like to cordially thank Wintershall for its generous donation. Wintershall is therefore meeting our sponsorship needs for the next six months. Together with a large number of other donations, we will be able to cover the costs for the past year and keep Hafen 17 open until at least autumn 2018. We are absolutely delighted about this and are committed to ensuring that the kids' club stays open and offers a haven for the children."

City Councilor Anne Janz, who is responsible for the Department of Youth, School, Women and Health in Kassel and who is well aware of the significance of the kids' club, thanked all supporters: "The children in Unterneustadt and Wesertor can find a "safe birth" in Hafen 17. Here they are allowed to be children, irrespective of their family situation or country of origin. The city would like to thank the Diakonisches Werk for their work with Hafen 17 as well as the sponsors and donors. The money represents an excellent investment in the future."

The "Hafen 17 – kids' club" facility, which has been run by the Diakonisches Werk Kassel since 2009, is financed entirely by donations. It provides a meeting place for primary school children from the east of Kassel with diverse family and social backgrounds. Children from 12 different countries of origin currently attend the Hafen 17 facility after school. There they are given a warm, healthy lunch for 50 cents and help with their homework. In the afternoon various activities are provided to improve their language and reading skills as well as diverse possibilities for the children to let off steam creatively, sportily or musically. An in-house workshop and educational farm provide the perfect setting for this. For children from different nations and cultures, Hafen 17 is a place where they can play and learn at the same time. With the donations for Hafen 17 having declined considerably, the children's meeting point has been facing an uncertain future.

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