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Champions in the desertWintershall invites neighbours from oases to a tournament and public screening of the all-German Champions League final

Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund – Germany is looking forward to the first all-German battle for Europe’s football crown in Wembley with great anticipation. The real champions, however, will be playing in the desert. At the ‘Oasis Tournament’ in Libya, Wintershall will be enjoying a kick-about with oasis inhabitants on a new artificial football pitch at the Jakhira desert camp on Saturday. This will be followed by a public screening of the Champions League final on Saturday evening. It’s a football fan’s dream.

Football is one of the most popular sports in Libya. Several times a week, many of the almost 400 employees of Wintershall Libya get together for a spontaneous football match after work. And it’s not only in the capital – they also enjoy a kick-about 1,200 kilometres further south-east at the production facility in the desert. For a long time now they have had to play on the dusty sand pitch, but now Wintershall has built an artificial pitch at the Jakhira desert camp. This is where the Oasis Tournament will be taking place on Saturday. Wintershall has invited its Libyan neighbours from the three oases of Augila, Gialo and Jakhira to the ‘Champions Match’. On behalf of Wintershall, employees from the desert plants of Jakhira and Nakhla will be taking their places on the field. “Libyans love football. With the Oasis Tournament on our new artificial pitch at the Jakhira camp we are now bringing together Wintershall employees and neighbours in the name of sport. We are looking forward to some exciting matches which will then be rounded off by the public screening of the Champions League finals in the evening. I think that the real champions will be the ones playing in the desert on Saturday,” enthuses Field Manager Horst Prei, anticipating some thrilling football action.

After the champion of the oasis has been declared, Germany’s largest producer of crude oil and natural gas will be bringing the Champions League final between Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund to the desert on a giant screen on Saturday evening. Many Libyans already know FC Bayern. However, a victory at London’s Wembley Stadium could make the Dortmund team the new football favourite for the Libyans. Incidentally, the Libyan national team has played twice at the Africa Cup. As the host, the Libyans managed to secure a surprising place in the final in 1982, which the team then lost against Ghana in the penalty shoot-out. Libya will be the host of the Africa Cup in 2017.

The BASF subsidiary Wintershall is one of the biggest oil producers in Libya. Since 1958 the company has been active in the exploration and production of crude oil.

Contact: Mark Krümpel