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Several companies from the Kassel region are taking a stand for cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance and, together with the association Verein für internationale Verständigung e.V., have launched the “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion” initiative. The initiators are, in addition to the association, Wintershall, the HÜBNER Group, K+S Aktiengesellschaft, Kasseler Sparkasse, the Schaltbau Bode Group, Gesundheit Nordhessen Holding AG, the transport company Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft AG (KVG), the museum institute Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel (MHK) and the Hessische/Niedersachsische Allgemeine (HNA).
We are doing this out of a sense of responsibility for our employees and to uphold the image and reputation of our companies, and for our region.
The events of the past months – attacks on people who have become targets because of their origin, religion or commitment to democracy and diversity – are something we cannot tolerate in any shape or form. We all feel committed to values such as respect, tolerance and the willingness to engage in dialogue and express that with the slogan “Open to Diversity – Closed to Exclusion.”

HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED As a citizen, business owner or company

Citizens and business owners from Kassel can order a door sign free of charge and thus spread the initiative’s message. Its front bears the words “Open to Diversity” and its rear reads “Closed to Exclusion.” Apart from showing whether a business is open, the sign thus also demonstrates the owner’s moral stance toward diversity and exclusion. Several hundred signs have already been sent out. Other companies are always welcome to join the initiative. Simply send an e-mail to and we will then get in touch with you.

The following companies are already participating:


Do you want to signal your support for cosmopolitanism, diversity and tolerance?
Order the sign for free by calling 0561/203 14 76 or sending an e-mail to

#offenfuervielfalt The initiative in social media

Take a stand yourself for cosmopolitanism and tolerance! Take a photo of yourself, for example, with our sign and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Or explain briefly in a post why you are for diversity and against exclusion. Please note: Don’t forget to use our initiative hashtag #offenfuervielfalt. That way, we – the majority, who stand for these values – will make the initiative visible for everyone.