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Wintershall congratulates: 25 years of Gazprom

Wintershall and Gazprom have been collaborating successfully for two decades: In the 1990s, the German-Russian cooperation ensured competition on the gas market in Germany and Europe by building pipelines and conducting joint natural gas trading. Through the joint ventures in Siberia, Achimgaz and Severneftegazprom (Yuzhno Russkoye), both companies have been producing natural gas together for more than ten years now. Together, Wintershall and Gazprom significantly contribute to securing Europe’s energy supply, particularly through the expansion of natural gas production in the Achimov formation and joint involvement in the pipelines.

Gazprom celebrates its 25th anniversary on 17 February 2018! Wintershall expresses its sincere congratulations on the anniversary and wishes a continuing close and collaborative partnership for many successful years to come!