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Center for remote controlled operations (RCO) #OilGasTech

An innovation at Wintershall is the center for remote controlled operations (RCO) in Den Helder which was awarded the 2008 BASF Innovation Award. Since 2007, the center has used a radio control system to monitor the production operations of the majority of the platforms Wintershall operates in the southern sector of the North Sea.

The Den Helder centre will ensure that production from the offshore reserves is as efficient as possible in the future. By converting to RCO, Wintershall can achieve significant savings in areas such as material procurement, maintenance, preparation work, personnel deployment, planning, and logistics. These saving greatly assist in making the development of smaller deposits financially viable.

In addition, the number of flights to-and-from the respective platforms can be reduced, thus increasing employee safety. The Netherlands is also home to the Wintershall corporate competence center for offshore technology. As the expansion of offshore expertise gains importance in oil and gas exploration and production, we apply this advanced expertise in our activities in other regions of the world.


Center for RCO in Den Helder

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