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#OILGASTECH Hightech @ Wintershall

Oil and gas, exploration and production – that is the world of Wintershall. A cosmos full of complex technology with a language all of its own. Whether describing the underlying bedrock or explaining wells, our experts use special technical terms. Our #OILGASTECH section explains what they mean and why they are so important for the E&P business.


With Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods, more oil can be produced when conventional methods are no longer adequate.

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Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen. They are mostly found in oil and gas.

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Rat hole

A rat hole is something that nobody would want in their own home or garden.

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An innovation at Wintershall is the center for remote controlled operations (RCO) in Den Helder which was awarded the 2008 BASF Innovation Award. 

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Reserves & resources

When experts talk about crude oil and natural gas reservoirs, they distinguish between reserves and resources.

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Areas of the earth’s crust where there are high natural concentrations of solid, liquid or gaseous natural resources are called reservoirs.

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Sediment layer

Sediment layers are created when particles such as sand or dead organisms are sedimented on land or in the sea to form a single layer.

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The tubing is the innermost tube inside a well, through which the oil or gas travels to the surface. 

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Vibro truck

 Vibro trucks generate the sound waves necessary for a seismic survey.

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