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L6-B is the first unmanned mini-platform by Wintershall. It produces natural gas in the Dutch North Sea and is operated, controlled and powered by a neighboring larger platform. 

The platform is in the middle of a restricted military area; Wintershall is the first company allowed to produce in this area. For this reason the platform had to be as small as possible and possibly has the smallest known structure for a production platform: the substructure weighs 1,100 tons, the upper structure just 100 tons.

The advantage of this new generation of mini-platforms such as L6-B is that they can be used in very shallow waters, hence making it possible to produce commercially from very small natural gas fields over a longer period of time. Wintershall was able to build the platform in just 9 months – thanks to the quick construction and simple assembly of this type of platform the costs are less than half the cost of standard satellite platforms.


Operational Excellence Wintershall is using a new generation of platforms
for gas production.

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