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Chilling: Gas production at -40°C

In Siberia, one of the remotest regions of the world, our employees at Achimgaz recover up to 15 million cubic metres of natural gas every day. With 250 days of winter each year and temperatures of up to 40 °C below zero, snow and ice are part of everyday life.


The wide expanses of Siberia’s tundra have a lot to offer: huge gas reserves and lots of work.

Novy Urengoy is located just 60 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Founded in the 1970s, it now has an official population of some 115,000, though estimates including all gas industry employees put the figure at closer to 200,000. That’s ten times the number of 30 years ago. Every morning, there’s now rush hour at the Arctic Circle when a small avalanche of metal makes it way slowly through the city. Japanese jeeps and German limousines. Ladas are rare. Modern LED lanterns bathe the streets in white light, and make the air seem even colder. Construction cranes can also be seeing rotating in winter in many parts of the city.

An international team has been working together here to produce gas for Europe since 2008, in a joint venture in which Gazprom and Wintershall each hold a 50 percent share. Achimgaz extracted and processed around 3.4 billion cubic meters of gas and 1.5 million tonnes of gas condensate last year – more than one-tenth of the gas Germany imports from Russia.


In the past years we, Germans and Russians, have overcome tough challenges together, side by side. That welds you together.

Ingo Neubert
Deputy General Director of Achimgaz
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