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Strategic partnerships form an important basis for the success of Wintershall. We are accepted and sought after as a partner in our key regions - by both state-owned companies and international firms.

Russia stable energy supply

For more than 25 years, Wintershall and OAO Gazprom have been joined in an intensive and successful partnership, first in joint natural gas trading and gas pipeline and storage construction, later in E&P projects. In 2007, together with Gazprom, we were the first German company to extract natural gas directly from the Yuzhno Russkoye natural gas field in West Siberia: some 70 million cubic meters of natural gas each day.

We co-founded the Achimgaz joint venture in Novy Urengoy in 2003 as a partner. The combined technological expertise of the partners was sought after in drillings to 4.000 meters depth and complex rock formations. In order to extract the natural resources from the technically very demanding Achimov formation in the Urengoy field, a conventional tight gas reservoir, hydraulic fracturing technology – a method successfully practiced by Wintershall for decades – is one of the technologies employed.

More than 100 wells are planned by 2018, which will increase production to an annual level of approx. eight billion cubic meters of natural gas and two million tons of condensate. In doing so, both partners will contribute their technological know-how to develop the difficult rock formations in challenging climatic conditions.

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North Sea Traditional strategic region with long-standing and new partners

Wintershall has been producing oil and gas in Europe for more than 85 years. Since taking over operatorship on the Norwegian Brage platform in October 2013, Wintershall has continued to expand its partnership with Equinor Energy AS. In 2014, Wintershall took over additional shares in producing fields from Equinor Energy AS, thereby increasing production in Norway from some 40,000 barrels oil equivalent (boe) to some 60,000 boe per day.

Wintershall is also involved in the Aasta Hansteen development project and has assumed operatorship for a second producing field, Vega. We are also cooperating with Equinor Energy AS on the Norwegian Continental Shelf in key forward-looking topics such as joint research into Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).

In addition to Equinor Energy AS, we are working with DEA in the North Sea. Our joint Mittelplate production island is quite unique – it is the only drilling and oil production facility in German waters. It produces oil in the Wadden Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, and is a prime example of how resource recovery and environmental protection can go hand in hand.


Jeanett Skjæveland
Service Personnel on Brage

Argentina Partnership in action for 30 years

Wintershall has been active in Argentina for more than 30 years. We constantly work to improve the hydrocarbon yield in our fields and thereby compensate for the natural decline of production volumes. To compensate for the natural production decline at the Carina and Aries fields off the coast of Tierra del Fuego, production will begin in the Vega Pleyade field starting in 2016.

We have worked successfully here with partners TOTAL and Pan American Energy (PAE) for many years. In addition, we have developed close social contacts with the residents and communities over the decades, which we foster through social projects.

The Aguada Federal block in eastern Neuquén province, where Wintershall is exploring unconventional reservoirs, is 97 square meters in size. Together with partner Gas y Petróleo del Neuquén, there are plans to drill up to six wells here in the next two years as well. Wintershall is the operator and holds a 90 percent share in this project.

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Middle East EOR technologies for difficult-to-access reservoirs

Wintershall is not yet a producer in the Middle East region. But with our know-how and the technology behind it, we have emerged as an attractive partner. This is because our technological expertise is particularly sought after in difficult fields, as is the case with sour gas. 

In this connection, we signed an agreement in June 2012 with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) covering the technical evaluation of the Shuwaihat sour gas and condensate field. As operator, we are committed to the highest standards, which we have developed over 40 years at the Düste and Staffhorst sites in Germany. 

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