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Natural Gas Sales in Europe Natural gas straight from the producer

Natural gas is the all-rounder among fossil fuels. It is versatile to use and often the most economic and ecological friendly type of energy source for heating, mobility, power generation and industrial sectors. As Germany’s largest internationally active natural gas and crude oil producer, Wintershall has 60 years of experience in gas marketing. As a pioneering gas producer and wholesaler, Wintershall reliably supplies major industry customers in northwestern Europe with natural gas in L- and H-gas quality which it produces itself in Germany and Norway.

The future will be driven by gas Climate-friendly, versatile and highly compatible with renewables

Natural gas is one of the key primary fuels in the German energy mix. In the future, its importance for the energy security as well as achieving the climate goals will only increase. In comparison to other fuels, natural gas is cleaner and less carbon-intensive, making it significantly more climate-friendly. Specifically, when compared with coal and lignite, natural gas delivers a climate benefit of around 41-44% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Therefore, in view of the immense need for action required to meet the German and European climate and energy policy targets, gas, combined with renewable energies, offers the biggest potential for ensuring a sustainable energy supply and, at the same time, reducing carbon emissions.

Due to its versatility and ability to link different energy sectors, natural gas plays a key role in the fields of power generation, industry, mobility and heating. In combination with innovative technologies and existing infrastructure, natural gas is the ideal partner for renewable energies and enables a sustainable and efficient implementation of the energy transition.

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Direct supply of natural gas: Our strength. Your benefit

To ensure that our customers enjoy lasting benefits from the direct gas supplies, we create specific offers for largescale customers based on their individual gas requirements, predefined demand profiles or load forecasts. The gas is delivered to various Northwest-European gas hubs and can be supplied directly to the plant gate as well.
Our available contract models include conventional conditions and as well customized terms based on framework supply agreements, as well as trade framework agreements of the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET).

As a customer of Wintershall, you can rely on us: Benefit from the high standards that we have defined for our products and sales quality. Our sales team will be glad to assist you in developing an individual pricing and supply concept.


How to reach our colleagues from the Natural Gas Sales department:

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