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At Wintershall, our teams are our most important resource. Each colleague is making a significant contribution to our company's overall success. For us, the uniqueness of each of our about 2,000 employees from over 50 nations is a critical competitive advantage. To ensure our employees are well suported in their professional endeavors, we give our employees proactive support in balancing their professional and private interests.


Volker Sittnick
Shift foreman, Aitingen oil production facility

Work & Life Service

To ensure our employees are well supported in their professional endeavors, we give our employees proactive support in balancing their professional and private interests. Within our Work & Life Service and Competence Center, we provide expert advice and practical support in all matters affecting the balance of work, life, family, and health.

Child care

The company’s own childcare facilities in Germany, the Netherlands and other services in other places care for children of all ages and offers great flexibility. Less than 400 meters from the German Head Quarter in Kassel, our employees have access to two all-day, reliable and friendly childcare facility for their children. Also the German Site in Barnstorf offers childcare places for children aged between two and six years. Do speak to our experts to get more information about the childcare you need in your special location.


We can only achieve our best when we are happy and healthy. At Wintershall, we believe in quality. That includes quality in life – and we offer a competitive package of benefits to allow you to pursue a high quality of life. We know that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. So as well as gym memberships, healthy lunch options in our canteens and team sports events, we also provide an excellent healthcare package and access to in-office health professionals.

Parental leave

For employees who are planning to start a family, we do everything possible to give them the freedom to do so. This includes flexible working time arrangements during and after the parental leave period, e.g., a gradual increase in working hours, job sharing or working from home. In addition, we offer advice and in some cases practical help in finding a suitable childcare solution. While spending time at home, our “buddy system” keeps parents abreast of significant developments in the company and makes it easier for them to return to work afterwards.


The sabbatical is a working time model for employees of Wintershall. Employees are able to get time off work up to 9 months – the so called Sabbatical – and return to their position after their break.


With the assistance of a partner company we offer practical support for new employees in their new surroundings. Not only do we help them find a suitable apartment or dream home, we also offer guidance for day-to-day matters and may even, within reason, assist in official errands.

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Work & Life Service

Nicole Ickler

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Compliance BASF’s group-wide Compliance Programme

BASF’s group-wide Compliance Programme aims to ensure compliance with legal provisions and the company’s internal guidelines. A code of conduct enshrines these standards in everyday company life so that they are binding for all employees.

BASF’s Compliance Programme is based on internationally accepted standards and summarises important laws and internal company policies – which themselves often exceed legal requirements – to create a framework that governs the behaviour of all BASF employees in their dealings with business partners, officials, colleagues and society.

The core of the programme is a global, uniform code of conduct that applies to all employees. It describes behavioural principles and covers not only issues such as corruption and antitrust law but also, for example, human rights, labour and social standards, conflicts of interest as well as trade control and the protection of data privacy.

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