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Please submit your comprehensive application documents in German or English only. Your application is submitted via the recruiting portal Rexx Systems and will be processed by Wintershall in Kassel, Germany.

  Jobstory Brage Platform with Anette Auestad

Working at Wintershall: A day offshore On the Brage plattform with Anette Auestad, Maintenance Technician

My name’s Anette Auestad and I’m a maintenance technician on the Wintershall operated Brage platform, 140 kilometers off the coast of Norway.

My job is to make sure that the platform and its equipment is working seamlessly, day in, day out, 365 days a year. Since the platform is offshore I take a helicopter from Bergen to get there. On the platform I’m working a two week shift without free days and then have four weeks off again. At the start of my daily 12 hour shift we begin with a handover in the operation room. Here we determine which parts of the platform will be checked and the current operating status of Brage. Maintenance is an essential part of safety and security procedures.

To stay in contact with the colleagues onshore in Bergen we have daily video conferences to keep each others up to date. 

With my colleague Morten I take an inspection run. We do these runs day and night in all conditions, whether it rains or storms. The weather can be very rough; waves can reach heights up to 10 meters and in winter it can get real icy. Up to 100 people are working closely together at the platform, so we have a real good team spirit.

My favorite part of the job: We fix small things ourselves immediately. I carry my tools everywhere I go. To make sure I don’t lose anything even if the wind is blowing strong or if there’s a storm, all tools are attached to my worksuit and a cable if they are in use. Not a day at my work is the same, it’s an exciting job that keeps me on my toes.

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On the Brage Platform with Anette Auestad


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