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START IN program Finance, Procurement and Information Management

Within the 18 months of our START IN program you will receive a tailor-made training. You will take on project responsibility in different operating units and supplement your know-how through specific technical seminars. In addition, an at least three-months assignment to one of our branches abroad is part of the program. Once you have completed the program, you will be ready to take exciting tasks within our company.

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START IN - Finance Easy access to the Finance Area

Have you completed your economics course with above-average grades? Do you have excellent finance or accounting know-how? Are you fluent in English and perhaps also in other languages? If you have answered “yes” to the above, our trainee program is tailor-made for you. 

During START IN Finance you will gather experience in our Finance and Accounting departments. Once you have completed the program, you can look forward to a challenging role in the finance area of our Company.

Our positions in the Trainee Program are filled at present.


Renatha Caldeira Barboza
Finance Specialist
Kassel, Germany

Renatha Caldeira Barboza Finance Specialist, Kassel, Germany – Trainee from 2011 to 2012

The world of finance has always fascinated Renatha Caldeira Barboza. After completing her MBA in Oil and Gas Management, the START IN finance programme offered her the chance to gain an in-depth insight into a globally active company. 

When I found out about the trainee programme on Wintershall’s website, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. The mix of operational daily business and the realisation of my own exciting projects presented me with new challenges every day. However, I was never left to my own devices – trainees always have an experienced colleague from the department assigned to them as a mentor.

Because the programme enabled me to come into contact with many different topics and aspects in the financial sector, it helped me to get to know my own strengths and weaknesses and determine the areas where I would like to work in later. As a trainee, I worked at the head office in Kassel as well as abroad. In particular my time in Norway was a wonderful experience thanks to the close contact with the operative oil and gas business. 

Discover your own strengths through active involvement in shaping the programme.

Renatha Caldeira Barboza

Today I particularly benefit from the experience that I garnered in my two focus areas, financial management and controlling. Thanks to the diverse projects and the network that I already managed to develop as a trainee, the collaboration with the other departments is straightforward and smooth. Since 2012, my work has focussed on the financial valuation of investments and acquisition projects, especially in Norway, Libya, Russia and the Netherlands.


START IN – Procurement Tailor made training for you

Do you love to think outside the box? Did you complete your economics, engineering or law courses with above-average grades and are you interested in working in an area, where all these fields of knowledge are of importance? Are you fluent in English and also in at least one other language?  Could you imagine working abroad for some time? If you have answered “yes” to the above, our START IN Procurement program is tailor-made for you.
Within the program you will receive a tailor-made training. Once you have completed the program, you will be ready to take exciting tasks within the procurement area of our company.

Our positions in the Trainee Program are filled at present.


Henri Barrère 
Procurement Specialist
Stavanger, Norway

Henri Barrère Procurement Specialist, Stavanger, Norway – Trainee from January to December 2014

Tackling challenging tasks, worldwide– that's what Henri Barrère wanted to do after finishing his studies. And he found that opportunity at Wintershall! 

"An internship at BASF brought me into contact with the START IN Program at Wintershall. It exactly matched my vision and wishes for my future job. 

START IN offers a steep learning curve –
from day one.

Henri Barrère

"Short, but extensive and well-organized." 

START IN combines practical work with diverse training courses that give you a better understanding of oil and gas activities. A lot of time and effort was necessary to become familiar with the high-tech world of oil and gas. However, rapid integration in the Procurement team, the seminars and the experience I gathered in everyday work were a good mix to give me confidence and independence. All that prepared me excellently for my interfacing position in Purchasing – because you need business administration, technical and legal knowledge for that.

In particular, I enjoyed my international assignments as a trainee. Stavanger in Norway impressed me very much. Since I'm a passionate photographer the countryside fascinated me. But with its highly oil-based economy, Norway is also the ideal place to learn things in projects with a best-practice character in the crude oil sector. 

As my time as a trainee drew to a close, I was offered a post in the Purchasing unit in Norway. I'm now helping the department there drawing up invitations to tender, as well as examining and comparing offers for exploration and drilling activities. I'm also in charge of drawing up invitations to tender for the procurement of infrastructure to complete a well. The learning curve is steep, but that's precisely what makes my work so exciting."

START IN - Information Management Flexible IT-program for graduates

Are you interested in IT project management and IT processes and have successfully graduated in business informatics or a related course of study? Are analytical, logical thinking and conceptual work your strengths? Can you speak fluent English? Then our trainee program is just right for you.

The START IN Information Management program will provide you with training tailored to your individual needs. Get to know our company and the special features of our business – after which you can take on exciting and responsible tasks and projects in the field of information management at our company.

We are now recruiting candidates to start from October 2019. Apply here.


Felix Boerschlein 
System Analyst
Kassel, Germany

Felix Boerschlein System Analyst in Kassel, Germany – Trainee from 2014 to 2015

His initial experience in the oil and gas sector confirmed Felix Börschlein’s decision to seek a future career within the industry. Through a market analysis for a supplier in the oil and gas industry, he came across Wintershall – and the START IN programme.

During my Masters degree programme I conducted a study on the German oil and gas market on behalf of an oil and gas industry supplier, and in so doing came across Wintershall. On completing my studies, I then specifically sought job vacancies there. The trainee programme was exactly what I was looking for and offered me a unique opportunity to get to know the company well through the exchange of activities and sites, and to develop myself. 

Putting what I learned straight into practice

Felix Boerschlein

“Networking right from the beginning” The first “office day” took place during the trainee induction week and a teambuilding event. These first two weeks were fantastic – I made immediate contact with numerous colleagues and was prepared for my deployment in the E&P industry. Because the Information Management department has considerable contact with other departments, I was able to find out about diverse aspects of the business during the course of the programme. My time spent in Norway was one of my highlights. There I was part of the team that was tasked with integrating the SAP system from a newly acquired production region into Wintershall’s existing SAP System

within just six months. This is just one of the many challenges that have to be tackled in daily professional life at Wintershall – and which also provide an opportunity to prove yourself. 

I have currently taken over a position within the Information Services Operations Team. One of my current projects is concerned with the introduction of Skill Networks for all units in our business division in order to improve cooperation with and between the international locations and to jointly develop information services standards.

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