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SPEAD Program around the world in 24 months

Welcome to our international development program for talented young geoscientists and engineers.

Do you see a new working environment as an opportunity and a challenge at the same time? Could you imagine working abroad for some time? If so, Germany’s largest producer of oil and gas is the perfect home for you, because our training-on-the-job-program SPEAD offers it all. SPEAD is intended for university graduates in engineering and technical disciplines. We are looking for people with a great deal of flexibility, motivation, and the ability to work in a team.

The SPEAD program has a duration of 24 months. During this time, you will gather hands-on experience in our operating divisions in Germany and abroad. Additional measures such as teambuilding courses, specific technical seminars, and personal development events will ensure that you are perfectly equipped for a career in our Company. Once you have completed the SPEAD program, you will be ready to take on exciting tasks with an international focus in our Company.

Wintershall will actively be seeking graduates in Petroleum Engineering (Reservoir, Drilling and Production), Geosciences, Process or Safety Engineering, who want to be part of the SPEAD program starting in January 2020. The application process will start in November 2018.

Below you have the opportunity to apply directly for one of our open vacancies within the SPEAD program or for the on-campus interviews at your university.

Wintershall Campus Tour

Start your Wintershall-career with SPEAD! Come to our campus tour at your university and get to know all about the development program for master graduates and the career opportunities at Wintershall.

RWTH Aachen, Germany – 25th and 26th October 2018
TU Freiberg, Germany – 1st and 2nd November 2018
TU Clausthal, Germany – 1st and 2nd November 2018
Imperial College London, Great Britain – 6th and 7th November 2018
Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria – 13th and 14th November 2018
TU Delft, Netherlands – 3rd and 4th December 2018

Do you have any questions? Please have a look at our FAQs.

Everything you need to know for… Your SPEAD application

Thank you for your interest in our SPEAD program. The application process is simple. Once you have found your preferred SPEAD discipline (or even two) you can start filling in your online application right away ( We are looking forward to your application. Good luck!

When can I apply for the SPEAD program? 
In November, our SPEAD postings are published on our website. From this day on you can apply for your preferred SPEAD discipline. You can submit your application until April. 

How do I know which SPEAD discipline is the right one for me?  
You can get an overview of the different disciplines within Wintershall on our website. For each discipline you will find a brief description and possible tasks you will do as a SPEAD. With your study background and already gained experience in mind you should be able to decide which SPEAD program matches your skills the best. If you are still unsure, please contact us and we will help you finding the right discipline.

How can I apply? 
Open your preferred SPEAD posting and click on “Apply now” at the bottom of the job posting. After that, the application form will appear on your screen. Here you can fill in your contact details and attach your cover letter, CV, and other relevant documents. Make sure to have them ready. You can also use your well-maintained LinkedIn or Xing profile to apply. When you have filled in all relevant fields, please give your commitment to our data protection clause and click on “Send”.

In which language should I apply? 
Please submit your complete application documents in English only. 

Will I get a confirmation that my application was submitted? 
Yes, an email will confirm your application. 

When do I get to know if I will be invited to a personal interview? 
Normally, this process takes some time. Please note, that we receive a huge amount of applications and check each one very carefully. 

When does the interview round take place? 
For each discipline we have some personal interview rounds. They are taking place between April and June, after the application process has finished for the respective discipline. 

Where does the interview round take place? 
The interview round takes place in our Headquarters in Kassel, Germany. The costs for travelling will of course be reimbursed. 

If I get invited, how does the interview round look like? 
You will meet our HR department and our colleagues from the technical departments. The interview is focused on your personal skills and characteristics as well as on your technical competencies and knowledge. You will have the chance to speak directly to your prospective manager about the position and about Wintershall as a company and as an employer. You will also be able to clarify your expectations towards the job.

When do I get a final decision? 
After a successful interview we will make you an offer and discuss the next steps with you. This process takes about two to three weeks. Therefore, you will get an answer between May and July, depending on the date of your interview round. 

When does the SPEAD program start? 
The official starting date for our new SPEADs is January. 

What are the on-campus presentations and interviews? 
Exclusively for students of some specific universities we offer regularly on-campus presentations where we introduce the SPEAD program and answer your questions. Also a current SPEAD participant will be there to tell you about his/her experiences at Wintershall. Subsequently, we will run interviews with selected candidates. 

When can I apply for the on-campus interviews? 
The SPEAD on-campus postings will be published on our website in October. From this day on you can apply for about one month. 

How can I apply for the on-campus interviews? 
Open the on-campus interview posting for your specific university. The postings are not related to any disciplines, but to the universities. When you click on “Apply now” at the bottom, the application form will appear on your screen, which you can fill in. Additionally, you can attach your cover letter, CV, and other relevant documents. Your well-maintained LinkedIn or Xing profile can be used for the application as well. In the end, please give your commitment to our data protection clause and click on “Send”. 

In which universities do the on-campus presentations and interviews take place? 
Usually, we do them at TU Clausthal, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, TU Delft, Montanuniversität Leoben, Imperial College London, RWTH Aachen and NTNU Trondheim. 

When do the on-campus presentations and interviews take place? 
The on-campus tour for SPEAD presentations and interviews takes place between October and December. 

Is an on-campus interview required for an application for the SPEAD program? 
No, an on-campus interview is not necessary for an application. You can also apply for the SPEAD program without a previous interview. 

What should I do if I get a rejection for the on-campus interview? 
If you get refused to the on-campus interview, do not hesitate to apply for the SPEAD program anyway. A rejection for an on-campus interview or after an on-campus interview does not mean a rejection for the whole SPEAD program! 

Does an on-campus interview replace a personal interview at Wintershall’s Headquarters in Kassel during the recruitment process? 
No, the interview round in Kassel is compulsory. Only the on-campus interviews are optional. During the on-campus interviews we get a first impression of each other, but the final decision will be made after the interview round in Kassel.

Three Wintershall colleagues tell us about SPEAD

Hugo Dijkgraaf Managing Director
Wintershall Norge,
Stavanger, Norway

Hugo Dijkgraaf, born 1975, started working as a graduate engineer in Libya. After that he held several technical and managerial positions at different Wintershall locations. Today he is Managing Director of Wintershall Norge.


Hugo Dijkgraaf
Managing Director Wintershall Norge
Stavanger, Norway

"I first heard about SPEAD from a fellow student, who applied to Wintershall and told me about this newly established program. When I applied in 1999, my application letter actually said that I was interested in the "SPEED" program - that's how little I knew about the program at the time.

I opted for Wintershall, because the other offers included a more "static" position, whereas Wintershall offered a very interesting and dynamic opportunity to get international experience while learning on the job.

"Straight down to Libya"

After I started with Wintershall, I went to Libya almost immediately and spent nearly a year there. My first day in the office in Tripoli was very exciting because it was not long since graduation and shortly after joining Wintershall. I remember that I was the most overdressed person in the company that day. Of course the suit and tie disappeared soon thereafter.

My next postings were to Argentina and Germany (Emlichheim). I was always lucky to be directly welcomed into the team by enthusiastic team leaders and managers.

It is more than ten years since I finished the SPEAD program. After that I worked in the Netherlands office during the time we acquired Clyde Petroleum, and then worked offshore as platform manager for almost 2 years. This was one of my best experiences, a unique opportunity.

It's all about the challenge

Hugo Dijkgraaf

I subsequently worked in Strategic Planning in Kassel and then spent four years in a managerial role in Libya. Then I joined our energetic and rapidly growing Norwegian company in Stavanger.

During my SPEAD program, I worked in several different roles, on three different continents. Going abroad was a fantastic opportunity for a young graduate engineer, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned how an international oil company "ticks" and I also gained a lot of technical expertise. Wintershall is a company with great potential, has the right size, and cares about its people."

  Work Life Services

Titkoon Goh Head of Global Development Operations, Kassel, Germany

Back in 2000, Titkoon Goh started his career as an international SPEAD candidate and worked in several countries. Today he is back in Germany. His function: Head of Global Development Operations at Wintershall’s headquarter in Kassel. Today he is mentoring younger colleagues himself.


Titkoon Goh
Head of Global Development Operations
Kassel, Germany

Follow Titkoon's route through Wintershall

  1. Kassel, Germany, Wintershall Headquartersfrom Jan 2000 to Aug 2000
    Development Department: Reservoir modelling of gas fields and underground storage

  2. Libyafrom Sep 2000 to Dec 2000
    Development Department: Reservoir modelling & reservoir surveillance of a producing oil field in Libya

  3. Netherlandsfrom Jan 2001 to Jun 2001
    Development Department: Reservoir modelling and development plan of a gas condensate field

  4. Argentinafrom Jul 2001 to Dec 2001
    Development Department: Reservoir modelling and development plan of a gas field in southern Argentina


"I first heard about the SPEAD program when I was in the third year of my four-year Petroleum Engineering course at Imperial College in London. Wintershall approached the University for the first SPEAD group intake. A colleague of mine in the university joined the program and I learned more about it through him.

When I graduated in 1999, the situation in the oil industry was similar to now. With the sudden crash in the oil price, most companies stopped their graduate recruitment processes and started laying off people. Wintershall was one of the very few companies that ignored the industry-wide panic and pressed ahead with their graduate recruitment program based on its long-term growth strategy. It was a very competitive environment for graduates looking for jobs, and I considered myself lucky to join the second SPEAD group. In hindsight, Wintershall was on the correct path and I still think that this is one of the best development programs for graduates, anyone could have joined.

"I liked best 'the Training on the job'"

During my SPEAD time, I was privileged to work at Head Office in Germany and at different Opcos, such as Libya, the Netherlands and Argentina. This exposed me to different working environments and cultures. What I liked best was the networking and exposure to training on the job. It allowed me establish my large network within the Wintershall world and, until now, this network has been extremely helpful in my day-to day work. Furthermore, the on-the- job training concept enabled me to contribute to the company even while I was on the training program.

I particularly enjoyed the SPEAD training courses and team-building exercises when all the "SPEADIES" based in different OpCos got together for a week or two. We exchanged stories and experiences, had a few drinks and a good laugh together.

"Different locations but one unit"

With opportunities to work in different locations, I learned a lot about the organizational structure of the company. Given the different geographical setting of each office, the structure and working environment obviously differ. It was interesting to see how Wintershall, as a whole, manages to piece all these differences together to generate a smooth global organizational structure. Furthermore, working in different countries enabled me to enhance my soft skills. I have learned to be very flexible, mobile, and adaptive to different cultures and environments, and this has helped me survive in the challenging oil industry.

What also helped me was that I always had excellent mentors, no matter where I went. They provided me with valuable professional guidance throughout. Being new to each office, their support, be it technical or social, was crucial to me. We remain friends and even now I turn to them for professional advice. Now, being a mentor for the new "SPEADIES" myself, I always try my best to give what I have learned and taken on board from my mentors.

At Wintershall, there is a positive working atmosphere

Titkoon Goh

After I finished my SPEAD program, I went back to Libya to start my first posting. I worked in Tripoli for four years. Then I moved south to our office in Argentina and stayed five years in Buenos Aires. After spending almost two years in the Netherlands, I moved back to Kassel. I have enjoyed every moment of working in these places.

At Wintershall, there is a very positive working atmosphere. I like to describe Wintershall as a family where everybody knows each other and always tries to help out when necessary. Furthermore, the company has the confidence and trust to give young professions good technical exposure and responsibility at a very early stage of their careers."

Jonas Illing Project Controller in Norway

Jonas Illing gathered practical experience at Wintershall during his studies and came into contact with employees who had completed the SPEAD Program. This positive experience persuaded him to apply for it – and he has been with Wintershall ever since.


Jonas Illing
Project Controller

"Even before applying for the SPEAD Program, I got to know Wintershall as an intern and student worker. When I finished my studies, I applied. What especially appealed to me was the international nature of the program, the diversity of projects and the possibility of shouldering responsibility from an early stage on.

"Submersing yourself in projects with colleagues and mastering diverse tasks – a great experience!"

In my very first month, I was allowed to take on my first project as a project engineer: a feasibility study on construction of a combined heat and power plant. Four months in Kassel were followed by an exciting year in Norway, where I embarked on project controlling for the self-operated Maria field. For me as a young engineer, that was an impressive experience from the technological point of view. At my last station in Rijswijk, I worked in project controlling for modifications to existing production rigs in the Dutch North Sea.

"Even as a career starter, you soon assume responsibility."

After completing the SPEAD program, I was drawn back to Norway, where I'll be accompanying the Maria project to its end over the next few years. An exciting time is in store, since we are in charge of planning, designing, installing and commissioning the technically sophisticated components both in terms of costs and deadlines.

Wintershall was like a living university library.

Jonas Illing

My time in Norway left a particular mark on me. The branch office in Stavanger was growing sharply at the time. Experts with different know-how and backgrounds were joining Wintershall. There were colleagues who had the necessary expertise for every problem and passed on their knowledge to career starters like myself."


SPEAD program

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