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Job offers at Wintershall

Are you an expert who has the vision to set things in motion? So are we! Are you looking for an exciting and challenging job in a highly specialized working environment? Then look no further.

Join our team as a geologist, engineer, or business economist and let’s together discover a world where visions are turned into energy.

Currently most job offers are in German. Nevertheless we are looking forward to your application.

Job offers for the Graduate Program: Please submit your comprehensive application documents in English only

SPEAD for Drilling Engineers 2020
SPEAD for Geoscientists 2020
SPEAD for Production Engineers 2020
SPEAD for Project Engineers 2020
SPEAD for Reservoir Engineers 2020

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International Jobs

Attention: Fake job offers

We have become aware that emails appear containing fake offers of employment which may appear to come from Wintershall. Please remember that Wintershall will never send unsolicited emails asking for confidential information. As well Wintershall would never ask for personal details (copy of passport) or transfers of any money.

The latest fake offers were sent from the following names under the fake email-addresses: 

Jose Millan

Mr. James Munro 

Alfredo Armendo 

Derick Williams 

Bernard Schmidt 

Brian Manuel 

Mr. Robert Harmeston 

Mr. Coskun Sarigol 

Dr. David Hillary 

Mr. Graham Mcgurk 


Jennifer Bruce 

Mr. Phillip Dowell

Ms Christine Wells 
Skype ID: c.wells

If you have doubts regarding any job offer or advertisement please contact us on personal[at]